Codes & Standards

Our Commitment

AISI's Construction Technical Program staff work diligently to ensure that building codes and standards reflect state-of-the-art industry practices, are technically sound, permit the proper and safe use of steel, and promote the recognition of concepts favorable to steel. 

Our Challenge and Response

Building codes and standards are constantly under review, with new proposals for changes continually being developed by both the public and private sectors. Therefore, AISI and its steel industry partners conduct research and initiate technology transfer activities to address a wide range of issues and evolving technologies focused on steel solutions for sustainable building practices as well as fire, seismic and other challenges. 

AISI Proposals and Positions

AISI committees, forums, teams and staff formulate proposals and positions to advance and defend the steel industry in the construction marketplace. 

AISI Standards and Specifications 
AISI is an ANSI-accredited developer of American National Standards. The published standards are sold through AISI's online bookstore and serve as a basis for standards used throughout the world. Errata on AISI standards and specifications are available in PDF format, as are the research reports upon which they are based.

Free Publications

AISI's S200-series (cold-formed steel framing), S300-series (profiled steel diaphragm) and S900-series (test) standards, as well as other documents, are available for free download. AISI's S200-series (cold-formed steel framing) standards are also available to purchase in printed format from AISI's online bookstore. Find answers to general questions about cold-formed steel standards in the FAQs section.

AISI Educational Resources

Cold-formed steel webinars for PDH credits, on-demand resources and other educational tools are available from the Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI). 

Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute (CFSEI)

The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute provides technical and professional resources for designers of cold-formed steel structures, including seminars, webinars, published Technical Notes, an annual Meeting/Exposition, and direct assistance through Ask An Expert

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