FAQs - Codes & Standards

Q. Where can I find AISI standards, specifications, research reports and errata? 

A. The more current (i.e., 2015 edition) and earlier editions of AISI standards are available to download free of charge in PDF format at www.aisistandards.org. AISI's S200-series (cold-formed steel framing) standards are also available to purchase in printed format from AISI's online bookstore. The Research Reports upon which the standards are based and any Errata that have been issued are available to download free of charge. 

Q. Where can I find previous editions of AISI standards, manuals and guides? 

 AISI does not continue to print and sell pre-2007 editions of the AISI Specification, Commentary and Design Manual. These documents, along with other archived publications and reports, are available free of charge in PDF format from the Technical Library of the Wei-Wen Yu Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures. 

Q. What is the AISI policy regarding complimentary documents and discounts? 

. Many AISI documents, including the S200-series (cold-formed steel framing), S300-series (profiled steel diaphragm) and S900-series (test) standards, are available to download free of charge in PDF format at www.aisistandards.org. A complimentary printed copy of an AISI standard is available to committee members (if their name is listed in the front of the document), building officials and authorities having jurisdiction (if requested on letterhead), and faculty (if requested on letterhead). Requests should be sent to Beatrice Webb (fax: 202-452-1039 or email: bwebb@steel.org).

Q. How do I identify which AISI standards to use on my project? 

 AISI standards use the following designation system: 
        S100-series is applicable to general cold-formed steel applications, 
        S200-series is applicable to cold-formed steel framing applications, 
        S300-series is applicable to cold-formed steel deck applications, and 
        S900-series are test standards.

Each AISI standard has a Preface and Scope that help define the purpose and limitations of the standard and a Commentary that helps explain, clarify and illustrate the provisions of the standard.

Q. How do I identify which edition (year) of an AISI design standard is applicable to my project? 

 AISI design standards are referenced by edition (year) in the applicable building code. The authority having jurisdiction or the contract documents typically define the applicable building code.

Q. What are AISI material standards and where can I find information about them? 

 AISI used to designate certain standard grades of carbon and alloy steel bars, blooms, billets, slabs and rods with specified ladle chemistry ranges and limits (e.g., AISI 1040 steel). However, AISI is no longer directly involved with the development and/or maintenance of standard steels. The Association for Iron and Steel Technology [www.aist.org] has assumed these activities and AIST’s publication, “Pocket Book of Standard Wrought Steels,” provides current information. Additionally, AISI is no longer involved with the development and/or maintenance of material standards of stainless steels. Please contact the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) at http://www.ssina.com for more information on these products. 

Q. Where can I get further technical assistance? 

By its very nature, steel is suitable for manufacturing into a variety of construction products. AISI offers several design manuals and guides in its online bookstore. However, technical assistance on a specific product is best provided by AISI’s steel induLinksstry partners, who offer considerable resources to assist designers and others on the project team.