Choosing the right roof to highlight a home's architectural style is an investment that pays off. Photo from Metal Roofing Alliance.

In a Hot Housing Market, Maximizing Curb Appeal Starts Right at the Top

May 31, 2019

PORTLAND, OR — It plays a major role in a home’s curb appeal, yet surprisingly, it’s often the area most overlooked by homeowners.

There’s no doubt that a solid roof is key for resell value and home protection. But experts say roofs are vastly under-appreciated for their ability to enhance a home’s architectural style and appearance.

Another trap that can trip up homeowners is falling for a certain roof style that may not perform well in their particular region. For example, the look of wood shakes is popular in the West, yet roofs made with wood are the least practical choice when it comes to standing up to heavy rainfall and snow, and in hot seasons, protecting against dangers such as wildfire.

These factors are a big reason why metal roofs have become increasingly popular. Metal roofs are available in a wide range of colors and design options that can mimic slate, clay tile and even wood shakes and asphalt but can also deliver maximum long-term, low maintenance performance and protection.

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