Polymer-coated HEL-COR corrugated steel pipe products. Photo from NCSPA.

NCSPA Publishes Webinar on the Production and Usage of Polymer-Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe Products

October 26, 2018

DALLAS, TX — The National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association (NCSPA) has completed an online video that takes the viewer step-by-step through the production of TRENCHCOAT™ protective film and its application to steel for polymer-coated corrugated steel pipe products.

Corrugated steel pipes that have been coated with TRENCHCOAT™ have been shown to outlast and outperform many of their competitors, especially in areas with above-normal acidity. David Marth, Green County Illinois’ County Engineer, notes he is: “impressed by the estimated service life of polymer-coated galvanized pipe.” Mr. Marth continues by saying: “We now use polymer-coated galvanized pipe in all of our crossroad locations. Upon inspection, all of the pipes installed almost two decades ago in high agricultural chemical runoff locations, still look brand new.”

The video is narrated by Mike McGough of the NCSPA and Mike Mounts of Valfilm, North America. It starts with examples of polymer-coated corrugated steel pipe usage, technical information and photos of in-field pipe usage. The video then continues with Mr. Mounts narrating the production process of the film and its application to the steel sheeting. Wrapping up the end of the video is a section on in-field installation and repairs followed by a testimonial along with where to find more information. The video can be viewed here

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