Design Guides and Manuals

Cold-Formed Steel Design Textbook, Fifth Edition
10/1/2019 -This textbook includes the most important developments in cold-formed steel design theory and practice that have taken place over the past two decades.

AISI D113-19 - Cold-Formed Steel Shear Wall Design Guide (2019 Edition)

AISI D100-17 - Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual (2017 Edition)

AISI D310-17 - Design Examples for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels Based on AISI S310-16 (2017 Edition)

A Guide to Fire and Acoustic Data for Cold-Formed Steel Floor, Wall and Roof Assemblies - February 2017 - FREE DOWNLOAD

AISI D110-16 - Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design Guide (2016 Edition)

3/27/2017 -The guide allows users to browse the current, complete range of fire- and sound-rated cold-formed steel assemblies for residential and light commercial construction.

AISI D310-14 - Design Examples for the Design of Profiled Steel Diaphragm Panels Based on AISI S310-13 - FREE DOWNLOAD
11/21/2014 -This design guide is the supporting document for AISI S310-13, which is available as a free download at

2014 Cold-Formed Steel Design Library
10/1/2014 -This comprehensive bundle contains all Design Manuals and Specifications referenced in the 2009 and 2012 Codes.

Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual, 2013 Edition
9/4/2014 -The manual is to be used with the 2012 Edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and Commentary.

Brick Veneer Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design Guide, 2013 Edition
6/3/2014 -This guide assists in the design of brick veneer anchored to a backing of cold-formed steel framing for commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

Structural Design of Low-Rise Buildings in Cold-Formed Steel, Reinforced Masonry and Structural Timber
3/9/2012 -This practical reference is ideal for students, practicing engineers, candidates for licensing exams, and as a textbook for undergraduate engineering curriculums.

Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
9/1/2010 -Produced by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, this guide addresses steel fire protection for low-rise metal building systems.

Energy Design Guide for Metal Building Systems
2/1/2010 -Published by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, this guide provides energy-efficient design options for code-compliant metal buildings.

AISI D101-09 - Design Flowchart for Using the North American Cold-Formed Steel Specification 2007 Edition and the AISI Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual 2008 Edition - FREE DOWNLOAD
9/18/2009 -This design tool provides an overview of both publications.

Design Guide for Cold-Formed Steel Purlin Roof Framing System, 2009 Edition With PDF Errata
6/1/2009 -This design guide provides information on single-span and continuous multiple-span steel purlin-supported roof systems with an emphasis on the design anchorage systems.

Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual, 2008 Edition

Cold-Formed Steel Framed Wood Panel or Steel Sheet Sheathed Shear Wall Assemblies
1/1/2009 -The guide discusses wood and steel sheathed, cold-formed steel framed shear wall assemblies used to resist wind and seismic forces, with design examples based on the 2006 IBC.

Direct Strength Method Design Guide
6/1/2006 -The guide includes interpretations of elastic buckling analysis results and the development of beam and column charts with the Direct Strength Method.

Fire Protection Through Modern Building Codes, Fifth Edition (October 1981)
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AISI Specification Archive Notice
Learn where to find pre-2012 editions of the AISI Specification, Commentary and Design Manual.