Metal Roof and Wall Systems


Metal roof and wall systems are available in a variety of stock sizes and finishes or can be custom-engineered to satisfy the requirements on anything from a simple, functional project to a highly complex, iconic project. Most metal roofs are made with steel. Steel offers versatility in existing envelope design. The roof can have the greatest impact on the energy use of a building, and coatings and finishes now available qualify metal as a recognized "cool roof" product. Cool roofs can help reduce energy consumption by lowering cooling loads. On a typical summer afternoon, a light-colored, more reflective roof that reflects 80% of sunlight will stay about 31⁰ C (55⁰ F) cooler than a darker roof that reflects only 20% of sunlight, as reported by the Heat Island Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Cool metal roofs are available for commercial and residential projects, both in low-slope and steep-slope applications.

Metal roofs provide the optimal foundation for photovoltaic installations since the roof can be expected to last longer than the PV system it supports. Wall and roof solar heat recovery systems can be integrated with steel cladding and used to provide air, water or process heating needs. Cool metal roofs are an excellent option for commercial retrofit applications because they can be efficiently installed with above-sheathing ventilation, allowing heat to dissipate through the ridge vent in hot weather while acting as an insulating layer in cold weather. Metal roofs can result in as much as a 30% reduction in heat gain through the roof.

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