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Ice Dams Cometh - MRA Advises Homeowners on How to Avoid Costly Winter Damage

December 17, 2018

As Below-Zero Temperatures Strike, Leading Industry Alliance Says Rooftop Readiness Is Essential

PORTLAND, OR — Baby, it’s cold outside and while up on the rooftop the reindeer may paw, if the home has ice dams, it could lead to unpleasant surprises this winter.

Winter rooftop ice dams can cause major damage, wreak havoc on roof durability and can result in costly maintenance issues. While many homeowners blame faulty gutters for freezing over, the root of roof ice dam problems is much more complex.

When icy winter weather and snow hits, ice dams occur when roof temperatures fluctuate, falling and rising by more than 32 degrees. As snow starts to melt, it can re-freeze near roof soffits and overhang areas, which do not get as warm. That can cause a dam, where melting water backs up and seeps into the home, damaging walls, ceilings and leading to mold issues. Ice dams can get worse as water freezes, re-freezes and continues to build up.

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